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Against labour-for life

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any questions?

Links for criticism on labour

You want to take part? - Fine!

Perhaps you can tell us about errors in this document. Our english is not very good.

We have some Wishes:

  • We'd like to invite you to talk or to perform something on the demonstration. But we'd like to diskuss things before. Therefor you can participate on our meetings before the demonstration. You are invited.
  • Transparents, papers and other things should be "agains labour-for life". You can demonstrate against and for the policy of certain national states everywhere at the moment, you can demonstrate against everything on April 30 in Eisenach and for more labour on mai 1. On 6 may we are against labour as principle of the capitalist society.
  • We ask all professional demonstrants to leave their black and dengerous outfit at home - actually we domonstrate against work. The confrontation between peole who watch the demonstration and those who demonstrate shoud be a confrontation of content and not of style.

You think we are crazy?

We would be very pleased if you tell us why.

You want to discuss?

Too late. Try to contact one of the supporting groups.


Letzte Aktivitäten 2004. Die Kritik der Arbeit bleibt aktuell.